We are management consultants based in Cornwall.

We work to make your business thrive
and give you the time to think.
This is what we do best

Grasp the Possibilites

Look at what your business can achieve, then help you to do it.

Sales Mentoring

Give your team the skills to increase sales.

Maybe you have some difficult customers to deal with?

Marketing Assistance

Work to improve the visibility of your business.


Help improve existing systems and processes, or work to specify new ones.

See us at work
Management Consultants? You've all heard the title, but not everyone knows what a Management Consultant actually does. So, just to clarify, what we do is:-.

Listen to
your needs

Work with you to understand your business, then use our knowledge and skills to help you improve it.

Look at what
works well

Building on that, we can then delve into any parts of the business that work, less well.


Understand projects, prepare for projects, manage the project, learning from previous projects (Prince III).

Managing the

Help you to: motivate (motivators and de-motivators), goal set, set (and achieve) realistic targets, improve time management, implement better salary and commission structures.

bottom line

Drive up sales, drive down costs (and that doesn't usually mean losing team members!). Generate more leads, manage prospects, create opportunities.

the product

Look at systems you use, consider improvements, help with specifications. Maybe you use spreadsheets, let's look at whether they can be made to do more for you.

Clients we’ve worked with
Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of clients, some big, some small, but all just as important to us.

Cost is not a barrier to calling us, we have sensible rates, and we can consider commission and reduced fee options.

What is really important, is that you get the help you need.

The following are a very small selection of customers we have worked with ...
Client NHS
Client British Telecom
Client MOD
Client Regus
Client Landsec
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Falmouth, Cornwall
TR11 3HX

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